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Video Apps

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is one of the last pieces of competitive software that the hardware manufacturer maintains. It includes 4K HDR support, and advanced color correction.

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Project Management


Notion sets out to simplify the process of project management. It’s a superb choice for anyone running teams or projects, especially anyone who gets lost in multiple to-dos, repositories, and spreadsheets.

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Code Generators

CSS3 Media Queries Generator

Use the CSS3 Media Queries generator to fine tune the responsiveness of your website. You can specify your own media query and enter all the CSS rules you want applied for that particular query.

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Collaboration Tools


Rocket.Chat is a free, open-source alternative to Slack. It allows for team chat, direct messaging, and even voice chat, or video conferencing.

Linotype logo


Linotype is another huge name in fonts, and is yet another collection of fonts owned by Monotype. It has a fine range of non-latin typefaces that is ideal for Arabic, or Cyrillic typesetting.

FontLab logo
Font Editing Apps


FontLab is the premium type design app for Mac and Windows; it is to type design, what Photoshop is to photo editing. With an excellent range of vector drawing tools, it’s the first choice of many professional type designers.

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Deal Sites


DealFuel is packed with cool deals for designers, developers, and all kinds of digital professional. You’ll find everything from innovative apps to wallpapers.

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Ecommerce Platforms


WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that turns any WordPress website into an online store. Thanks to numerous extensions for WooCommerce, you can easily integrate WooCommerce with social media, Amazon, email marketing platforms, handle shipping, and more.

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WordPress Themes


ThemeGrill is a smaller WordPress theme provider, offering fewer themes with a focus on quality. Most themes are available as free versions with premium upgrades.

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Project Management


Outline is a place to collect together all the ideas, data, and planning you generate on a project. You can store documentation, meeting notes, future planning, and more in a safe and secure repository.

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Project Management


Monday is an advanced project management app that includes scheduling, progress updates, file sharing, and collaboration. It helps your entire team stay on the same page.

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Coding Apps


Sentry is an error-tracking tool that can be self-hosted, or run in the cloud. It’s designed to help your team discover, prioritize, and fix errors in your code quickly and easily.