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Video Apps

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro is the video editing app from Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of apps. It allows you to create professional video for film, television, and the web.

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Deal Sites

Design Cuts

Design Cuts offers a whole range of reduced price design assets, from different graphics, to fonts, brushes, and templates.

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Customer Experience


Front is a popular help desk platform that integrates with your email, to help your team stay on top of customer support. It offers dozens of integrations, and can be customized for your needs.

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Stubborn is a free illustrations generator, in a similar style to DrawKit. You can design a character, choose an outfit, a pose, and a background. There are also premium packs available.

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Stock Images


Photocase is a German stock images site, and its European identify is reflected in the aesthetics of its images. The images on offer are more in keeping with European cultural sensibilities, with a distinctly minimal feel.

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Trianglify is a tool for generating low poly triangle patterns that can be used as wallpapers and website assets. logo
Domain Registrars is one of the most trusted domain registrars on the web. It is reasonably priced, offers most major TLDs, and can make good suggestions if your choice is already taken.

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Color Apps

Material Palette

If you need a material color palette for your project, this color scheme generator will serve you well. You need to pick two colors and the tool will produce a color scheme that you can download.

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The Mockup Club

The Mockup Club is a growing directory of the best free design mockups for Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, and InVision Studio.

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Accessibility Tools

Contrast Ratio

Contrast Ratio is a fast, free tool that displays the contrast of your chosen colors as you type in the hex, rgb, or hsl values. Built by Lea Verou, it’s based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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Color Apps

Palette Generator

This color scheme generator will generate color palettes based on images you upload. It will find the dominant colors and you can also adjust the area of interest for each image.

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Color Apps


Coolors is a fast color scheme generator. You can let the tool generate a color scheme by pressing the spacebar until you find a color scheme you like or you can have it generate a color scheme from an image. When you’re done, export or save color palettes as SVG, PNG, SVG, SCSS or COPIC.

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