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Logo Design Apps

ShapeFactory Logo

ShapeFactory’s logo maker features a simple selection process, you enter your company name, select an icon, and then choose whether to add color and animation. This comes at a premium price.

DepositPhotos logo
Stock Images


DepositPhotos is a a strong mid-range stock image site. It is reasonably priced, and offers illustrations as well as photographs. The collections tend to be bulked out with some poor quality shots, but if you’re happy to spend time looking there are excellent shots here at a good price.

Monday logo
Time Tracking


Monday is a superb web app that allows you to track human resources over a whole project, with a customizable dashboard that you can setup however you wish.

HypeForType logo


HypeForType features over 35,000 fonts designed by more than 350 different type designers and foundries. Its collection is particularly broad, and its pricing is among the most competitive on the market.

Inside Intercom logo
Design Podcasts

Inside Intercom

Intercom’s podcast is dedicated to everything digital, with a particular focus on design-led business development. It’s one of the few company-run podcasts with an unbiased approach to the subject.

Abstract logo
Version Control


Abstract is a versioning system for designers on macOS. It integrates with Sketch and Adobe XD. It’s feature-packed, and allows teams to work together and individually.

BuyDomains logo
Domain Registrars


BuyDomains is a marketplace selling domains that have been registered by other people. Pricing is based on the domain, but expect to spend $000s to secure an individual domain.

The Character Creator logo

The Character Creator

The Character Creator is a step-by-step process for creating full characters in vector format that will be familiar to anyone who has ever played an RPG-style video game. Choose everything from gender, to ear lobe size.

Print Shop Professional logo
Print Layout Apps

Print Shop Professional

The Print Shop Professional is aimed at small businesses. It includes over a thousand templates, with over ten thousand royalty-free backgrounds and images. It’s an economic choice for cost-conscious design shops.

After Effects logo
Animation Tools

After Effects

After Effects is Adobe’s main animation tool. It is used for everything from instructional videos, to the title sequences of Hollywood blockbusters. After Effects is part of the Creative Cloud Suite.

ColorSpark logo
Gradient Apps


ColorSpark is an online app that generates random gradients. You can’t fine tune the colors but the tool does a great job of coming up with unique color combinations.

Typography Inspector logo
Type Utilities

Typography Inspector

Typography Inspector is an excellent utility for designers who are just starting out in typography. The Chrome extension will analyse your design, identifying common typography problems with your text.

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