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Web Hosting


GreenGeeks is a fast, reliable webhost that is also eco-friendly. Boasting a 300% carbon offset by buying up three times the energy they use, your website can not only be carbon neutral, but carbon reducing.

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Design Conferences

UX Brighton

UX Brighton is a leading 1-day design conference devoted entirely to user experience. Each year adopts a different theme, from UX research to a11y, from data visualization to design thinking.

Pexels logo
Free Stock Images


Pexels is another free stock image site with high-quality images that would not be out of place on a premium stock site. It carries images that are particularly strong for lifestyle and travel editorials.

Zendesk logo
Customer Experience


Zendesk is a customer support and relationship management system that allows you to receive, respond to, and monitor customer experiences. It can be tailored for support or for sales teams.

FontBuddy logo
Type Utilities


FontBuddy’s a handy font utility for Sketch that allows you to install any missing fonts, directly from inside Sketch. It’s a huge time-saver for any designer working on inherited design files.

Artgrid logo
Stock Video


Artgrid is a large collection of clips, suitable for editing into larger videos. Individual shots tend to be around 5–10 seconds in length, so you’ll need several to make a video.

Kirupa logo
Design Forums


Kirupa is a popular forum that’s been around for years. It covers all things design and development, and the community is friendly and helpful, especially towards newbies.

UX Planet logo
UX Blogs

UX Planet

UX Planet is a design blog that covers the entire design industry, with posts on everything from user experience, interface design, technology, and career tips.

Search Engine Journal logo
SEO Blogs

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is a popular, and well written blog that covers all aspects of the SEO industry. You’ll find stories on content marketing, SEO news, and digital marketing careers.

Trello logo
Project Management


Trello uses boards, lists, and cards to help you organize projects in a way that makes sense to you. Trello is at heart a really complex to-do list presented in a simple format that aids accountability and promotes productivity.

Butter CMS logo
Content Management Systems

Butter CMS

Butter CMS features flexible content modelling to allow you to create a marketing site, a blog, or anything inbetween. There are different APIs exposed for different tasks, and there’s an option to export data from WordPress.

Ember.js logo
Javascript Frameworks


Ember.js is a popular, free, open source Javascript framework for building user interfaces in web apps. There are add-ons, provided by the community, that further extend the capabilities of the framework.

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