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Accessibility Tools

Color Oracle

Color Oracle is a free color blindness simulator for Windows, macOS, and Linux. By previewing your design, adjusted to simulate common color vision impairments, you can make the right decisions for your users.

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Design Conferences

Interaction Week

Sited in the beating heart of the global capital of product design and fashion, Milan, Interaction Week features a three day conference, workshops, an education summit, leaders’ retreat, and numerous satellite events.

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Design Systems


The Bolt design system features reusable UI components, visual styles, tools, and resources. Created by Pegasystems, it has best practices at its core, favoring clarity over cleverness, and insisting that a11y is not optional.

Typeface logo
Type Utilities


Typeface is a macOS font manager for lovers of minimal interfaces. Focused on browsing, Typeface provides powerful cataloguing options. There’s a dark mode preview option if that’s your preference.

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Font Editing Apps

Fontself Maker

Fontself Maker is an extension for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, that allows you to create a design with the Adobe tools you already know, then convert it into an OpenType font in minutes.

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Code Repositories


SourceForge is a huge code repository, particularly suitable for open-source projects thanks to support for Git, Mercurial, and Subversion versioning systems. There are built-in discussion forums, and issue tracking is included.

Node.js  logo
Javascript Frameworks


Node.js is an open source platform that takes the strengths of Javascript and applies them to server-side applications. Node.js has a steep learning curve, but it’s powerful and specializes in complex data-driven applications.

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Code Validators

Validate XML Sitemap

Before you launch your site, it’s essential to check that you have a valid sitemap in place, to ensure search engine bots like Googlebot will be able to find and index your pages. Validate XML Sitemap is a simple, free option.

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User Testing


Feedier is a feedback system based on gamification techniques. You can create highly engaging forms that receive more responses than traditional feedback forms, giving you greater insights.

Codebunk logo
Collaborative Coding


Codebunk is an online code editor, compiler, and collaborative tool that allows you to chat and code with another person in real time. The session can be recorded, making it ideal for conducting job interviews.

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Free Stock Video

Stock Footage For Free

Stock Footage for Free features over 115,000 videos, motion graphics, and animations available to download for free. They’re high-quality, and include some shots you won’t find elsewhere.

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Analytics Tools


MouseStats extends monitoring and analytics, by implementing variations on your design using JavaScript, and then delivering the version with the best user experience.

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