Treehouse logo
Online Learning


Treehouse is an online learning portal that is focused on web technologies. Its 300+ courses are heavily code-orientated. Treehouse’s courses are coordinated so you can follow a clear learning path.

Colourcode logo
Color Apps


Colourcode is an interesting experiment in creating a color palette. Tone and hue are determined by cursor position, and you can select a number of different combination types.

Canva Logo Maker logo
Logo Design Apps

Canva Logo Maker

Canva’s Logo Maker tool boasts millions of users around the world. It uses a combination of AI and customization to create a unique logo in a few minutes that can then be downloaded for free.

Navigator logo
Collaboration Tools


Navigator is a productivity app for teams that helps you define meeting goals, stay focused, and record outcomes. It’s a great tool for handling remote communication when there’s more than a single stakeholder.

Jivochat logo
Customer Experience


Jivochat is a customer messaging platform that allows your team to communicate with your customers however they prefer; via live chat, social media, email, and even by phone.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate logo
Video Apps

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate is an award-winning video editing app that creates professional-quality video. It’s particularly favored by stop-motion animators.

Avocode logo
Handoff Apps


Avocode is a team app that allows you to handoff Sketch files, discuss details with developers, and export precise specs like spacing, fonts, and color choices.

Google Material Design logo
Design Languages

Google Material Design

Designed to support Google’s product range, Material Design is one of the most popular design languages currently available, with distinctive approaches to UI components, typography, and color.

Three.js logo
Javascript Libraries


Three.js is a highly popular Javascript library that allows you to create 3D scenes in Javascript. Core 3D concepts such as materials, lighting, textures, and cameras are all included.

Woopra logo
Customer Experience


Woopra provides customer journey analytics, so you can monitor how your users are coping with your onboarding, or sales funnel. It allows you to take real-time action to smooth their experience.

DesignContest logo
Design Contests


DesignContest is another design contest site that offers numerous categories, but whose market focuses mainly on logo and brand design. Its entrants are pre-vetted, and its rates are low.

Boba.js logo
Javascript Libraries


Boba.js is a small jQuery-dependent library designed to make working with Google Analytics easier. You can use it to introduce analytics recording to Javascript-based sites.

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