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SiteSee is a human-curated gallery of websites that focuses on visually impressive and beautiful designs. It’s a great selection to browse for inspiration, or just for pleasure.

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SEO Blogs


Moz is one of the biggest names in SEO tools, and so its blog is predictably well informed. You’ll find a welcome mix of expert opinions and beginner guides, covering the whole industry.

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Content Management Systems


Contentstack is fast to setup, easy to maintain, and works with any frontend stack. It has an excellent admin system that allows marketers to create content without the need for developer hand-holding.

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Marketing Tools


Mailchimp is an all in one marketing suite that has grown out of an email marketing SaaS. As well as newsletters, Mailchimp now includes a CRM, social media templates, and even a website builder.

Prototyping Apps


ProtoPie is a prototyping app for macOS and Windows that uses components and variables to simulate data-rich environments. It integrates with Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma.

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Type Foundries

Bold Monday

Bold Monday is a small, independent type foundry. It stocks over two dozen typefaces and has designed custom faces for clients including Audi, IBM, and USA Today.

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User Testing


UsabilityHub is a remote testing and user research platform. Used by some of the best-known industry names it has a range of tools to take the guesswork out of your design process.

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Stock Images


Shutterstock is a popular supplier of traditional stock photos. It’s reasonably priced, pioneering the subscription model. It also has one of the biggest collections of stock images on the web.

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SVG Patterns Gallery

Gallery of free SVG background patterns and designs.

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Gradient Apps


CSSmatic gives you a lot of control over your gradients. You can select colors, adjust opacity, hue, saturation, and then download the code to reproduce your gradient online.

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Prototyping Apps


UXPin specializes in prototypes that feel like real products, because it uses components in its workflow. UXPin neatly bridges the gap between design prototypes and developer code.

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Photo Editing Apps

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a hugely popular application that has captured a large chunk of Photoshop’s market share. It has fewer niche tools than its larger rival, but it’s faster, more precise, and now available on Windows as well as Mac.

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