SourceForge logo
Code Repositories


SourceForge is a huge code repository, particularly suitable for open-source projects thanks to support for Git, Mercurial, and Subversion versioning systems. There are built-in discussion forums, and issue tracking is included.

Volusion logo
Ecommerce Platforms


Volusion is another popular ecommerce platform with rich content editing tools, premade themes, and integration with other platforms. It comes with features such as SSL certificates, shipping integration, recurring and one-time payments, and more.

Skeleton logo
CSS Frameworks


Skeleton is a bare-bones CSS framework that is designed for minimal sites that require little more than simple layouts. It’s extremely lightweight, at around 400 lines of code and is coded to be mobile-first.

Colorinspire logo
Color Apps


Colorinspire features premade color palettes that are free to use in your next project. Colors are provided as hex codes so you can copy and paste them into any application.

Toggl logo
Time Tracking


Toggl is a time tracking app for increasing the productivity of your team. It has several alternative methods for adding time to projects, including syncing with your calendar.

Bluehost logo
Domain Registrars


Bluehost is primarily a hosting company, but they also offer standalone domain registration. There’s a good range of TLDs on offer and the pricing is extremely competitive.

Intercom logo
Customer Experience


Intercom is a customer messaging app that installs on your website and allows you to respond to customers in real-time, or by email, at any stage of the product lifecycle. Its UI is often imitated.

Fleep logo
Collaboration Tools


Fleep is another app that offers more than simple chat. Fleep includes file-sharing, task lists, and a pinboard to save important info. It’s great for anyone working with 3rd parties.

Lucidpress logo
Print Layout Apps


Lucidpress is a simple-to-use publishing platform for designers and non-designers alike. You can design layouts with its drag and drop UI, then download artwork or order prints directly through the app.

Nootiz logo
Collaboration Tools


The fastest way to share ideas and comments on your web projects. nootiz is the todo list for your live website. Place your notes on the desired item with a single click. Ideal for web agencies, web designers, copywriters and web developers.

Magento logo
Ecommerce Platforms


Magento is an enterprise-level ecommerce platform that can be used as a hosted or a self-hosted platform. It allows you to sell your products on multiple channels and comes with hundreds of extensions for extra features.

Designspiration logo


Designspiration is a Pinterest-style collection of interesting design ideas and executions. Browse by scrolling, or searching, and click on a design to search based on its colors.

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